Antonio Fortunato – ISS and its science and exploration mission is online

You can now view Antonio Fortunato’s lecture in our videos section or on our youtube channel – part 1; part 2.

Antonio Fortunato is the lead EUROCOM, and deputy lead of Crew Operations for the ESA Astronaut Office. EUROCOM is an International Space Station Flight Control Room position, responsible for direct communication with the International Space Station crew. Antonio has years of experience working with astronauts and helping them prepare for their space missions. He is deeply involved with the daily preparation of the European astronauts.

Learn in details about the BIGGEST spacecraft ever built. How it was constructed? Why we need the International Space Station? How do we prepare astronauts in 2016 for missions onboard the ISS? What a normal day in space looks like? Get the latest news from the space station! What does life look like in orbit for a longer periods of time?