ESA’ space exploration and its positive impact, Sofia

On the 28th of October, Raymond Hoofs – science operation engineer for several ESA missions, gave a wonderful presentation about the European Agency’s space exploration effort.


Raymond is part of the engineering crew which landed Rosetta on the comet 67P just one month ago and he also worked on the missions Venus Express and BepiColombo (to Venus and Mercury). He gave the public lots of insignts from his point of view and explained the importance of exploration missions.


We saw lots of interested people, eager to find out more about space and science, and Raymond showed them all that these topics should not be something reserved only for scientists who work in the space agencies.


Raymond will be visiting Shumen and Plovdiv as well and we hope even more of you will be there to learn more and talk to him! Follow us for more news regarding the Space4BG project!