Introduction to space technology and engineering, Ruse

We visited BH cultural center in Ruse, where we gave a lecture about space technology and science to students and interested citizens from the city. Our open presentation took place in a library there and everyone was invited.

Our audience found out how satellites operate, how and why do we build them as well as how dependant on them we have become nowadays. We were happy to find most of them were interested in those topics.

They were amazed to discover how big launchers are and what velocities they need to reach to deliver their payloads to stable orbits. We even watched a launch campaign of the Ariane 5 rocket and commented on the different procedures as they were taking place.

There were many questions in the end, which eventually led to us review some interesting future projects like the International Moon Village and the concepts for autonomous spacecraft meant to reduce space debris.

We had a great time in Ruse and we are looking forward to our next event near the end of April in Varna!