ISS and its science and exploration mission, Plovdiv

On the 11th of November, Antonio Fortunato – lead EUROCOM, and deputy lead of Crew Operations for the ESA Astronaut Office, gave a wonderful presentation about the International Space Station (ISS) and its importance for science and exploration, in Plovdiv. Antonio spoke about the operations in the ISS and what life is like on the station. He also explained what the different modules

ESA’ space exploration and its positive impact, Plovdiv

On the 29th of October, Raymond Hoofs – science operation engineer for several ESA missions, gave a wonderful presentation about the European Agency’s space exploration effort in the Plovdiv planetarium. Raymond is part of the engineering crew which landed Rosetta on the comet 67P just one month ago and he also worked on the missions Venus Express and BepiColombo (to

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