We visited 51st SU “Elisaveta Bagriana” in Sofia

We visited 51st SU “Elisaveta Bagriana” in Sofia, where we gave a lecture about space technology and science. We were greeted by students of all ages and even teachers, who wanted to know more about space and how real satellites are built and launched.  Apart from just talking about the launch of satellites into space, we watched an Ariane V launch

Galileo program and the importance of GNSS services for the European society, Sofia

On the 11th of November, dr. Ing. Marco Lisi gave us a lecture about the European Global Navigation System – Galileo and its many applications. Dr. ing. Marco Lisi is presently GNSS Services Engineering Manager at the European Space Agency. He gave us his unique perspective on the matters as well as many examples for essential services that GNSS systems are

ISS and its science and exploration mission, Sofia

On the 9th of November, Antonio Fortunato – lead EUROCOM, and deputy lead of Crew Operations for the ESA Astronaut Office, gave a wonderful presentation about the International Space Station (ISS) and its importance for science and exploration, in Sofia University. Antonio gave us an insignt on the operations in the ISS and a good idea of what life is like on

ESA’ space exploration and its positive impact, Sofia

On the 28th of October, Raymond Hoofs – science operation engineer for several ESA missions, gave a wonderful presentation about the European Agency’s space exploration effort. Raymond is part of the engineering crew which landed Rosetta on the comet 67P just one month ago and he also worked on the missions Venus Express and BepiColombo (to Venus and Mercury). He

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