We visited Ivan Vazov high school in Pleven

We visited “Ivan Vazov” high school in Pleven where we gave a lecture about space technology and science to students from 9th, 10th and 11th grade.

More than 50 students attended and we were pleased to find many of them were interested in Space. A few of them even surprised us with their knowledge, since we had prepared some questions during the talk.

By the end of the lecture, the students knew what systems does a spacecraft have and how are satellites build and tested before they can actually fly in space. They also found out why do satellites stay in space and how quickly they should be moving in order to remain in stable orbit.

We reviewed many applications and we believe it is now apparent to the students, that our modern lives are highly dependant on satellites!

Many were interested in the scientiffic and exploration missions of the European Space Agency, and we gave them additional information during the Q&A session. There were also those, more interested in the astronauts’ food and life in space.

We are looking forward to our next school event in Pleven on the 17th of March, when we will be visiting the foreign languages high school there!